The large local employers such as Ceredigion County Council, the National Library, the Welsh Government, the universities and Hywel Dda Health Board all have Welsh language plans, which promote and support the use of the Welsh language in the workplace.

If you work for one of these organisations, they can help you to learn Welsh. Many job advertisements will specify that Welsh language skills are required or desired for the post, and there are various opportunities for workers who are bilingual.

On average bilingual people’s salaries are between 8 and 10% more because of their ability to work in two languages, according to research by Dr. Colin Baker at Bangor University. Around 40% of job descriptions in Wales require the ability to speak Welsh and English.

Bilingualism is beneficial in the private sector, with many customers appreciating businesses that market their services bilingually, or can provide a bilingual service to customers. According to research by the Citizens Advice Bureau in 2015, 83% of Welsh speakers stated that they would be more likely to stay as a customer with a company which can provide good Welsh language services.

Running a bilingual business

Cered can provide advice about the support available to help businesses provide additional Welsh language services.

From 2017 to 2019, Cered has Development Officers working on a project called Welsh in the Workplace. They can provide guidance and support for employers, business owners, local organisations and workers who would like to increase their Welsh language services or skills.

If you run a business in Ceredigion, and would like to consider increasing your bilingual services, then contact Cered, the Welsh language initiative for Ceredigion.