The Welsh language

The Welsh language has been spoken in Ceredigion since around the sixth century, and is a vital part of the local culture and heritage. In the 2011 census, around half of the population of Ceredigion reported being Welsh speakers.

If you work in the public sector, your employer will have a Welsh language action plan, and can assist you to access courses to learn Welsh. The language is a valuable skill in the private sector, as many customers appreciate the opportunity to receive Welsh language services. The ability to communicate in Welsh can help you to find work.

The language gives you access to social events, and you can see television programmes in Welsh on S4C or listen to the radio on Radio Cymru. golwg360.cymru is a Welsh language news website, which also advertises job opportunities where Welsh language skills are required.

The Welsh language in education

Children will learn Welsh at school. For pre-school children Mudiad Meithrin arranges Welsh language nursery education through Cylch Meithrin, as well as informal social events for parents and toddlers at Cylch Ti a Fi sessions. Also ask about Cymraeg i Blant (Welsh for Kids) sessions in your area.

Welsh for Adults

You will find a warm welcome at Welsh speaking classes, which are held in the main towns of Ceredigion.

You can find more information on courses from the National Centre for Learning Welsh at https://learnwelsh.cymru/

These include the main learning Welsh programmes for adults, as well as specific sessions for parents of young children and Welsh in the Workplace.

There are also more informal ways such as saysomethinginwelsh. You can register for free to download beginners’ apps, and then pay later as you progress with the course to access more lessons.