Movement and creative arts for those living with addiction.

Many addictive processes begin as an attempt to help us feel better, to help us manage some pain or discomfort within us. Over time this strategy becomes a burden and our body/mind moves out of synchronicity. Deep inside this earnest search to soothe ourselves, we try our very best to find ways to manage the experience of ‘disconnection.’

These classes will encourage us - through curiosity and gentleness - to turn our attention towards what ‘connection’ might mean for us.

There is a wealth of wisdom that is within our body and its capacity to heal - given the right conditions. A part of ‘recovery’ therefore, might be this process of trusting and building ways into ‘connection’ with ourselves, others, and our environment. Simple movement explorations will encourage us in befriending new sensations, which can help us develop a more resourceful and resilient relationship with our body. Taking time to deepen our own wisdom and each other’s, all through creative processes of moving, writing, drawing.