Parents or guardians of children and young people can find support to help with childcare, to help find social opportunities for children and young people, and opportunities to learn the Welsh language.

Children learn the language in the education system, and parents or guardians can help by encouraging and showing an interest. Even before starting in a school, there are private Welsh language or bilingual pre-school childcare options, as well as the services provided by Mudiad Meithrin. See our ‘Education’ page for details.

The National Centre for Learning Welsh can help in finding courses to learn Welsh for adults, including specific courses for parents of young children and for families.


The Ceredigion Family Information Service can help you find out more about registered childminders, nurseries and other support available for families. The website features a regular Family Information Service Bulletin which lists events and services of interest to parents and carers of children. The site has useful information and links, and you can contact the service with any queries.

The Family Information Service can help you find out if a bilingual or Welsh language childcare option is available in your area.

Family centres

Ceredigion has 5 family centres located in Borth, Penparcau, Lampeter, Llandysul and Tregaron, which are part of the Family Centre Network.

Activities for children and young people

As children grow older, they can take part in some of the social activities run by the Urdd or Young Farmers Clubs. Other organisations like Theatr Felinfach and Arad Goch also provide a range of performance activities through the medium of Welsh.

Arad Goch in Aberystwyth creates exciting theatre for children and young people, as well as holding workshop and training for children and young people.

Theatr Felinfach is a community based theatre which hosts Welsh language theatre productions, concerts and activities for children.

You can find information about regular Welsh language classes and activities for children and young people in the county at the Cered website.

Welsh language media

S4C features a range of programmes for young children branded as ‘Cyw’ (Chick). Older children can watch the ‘Stwnsh’ strand. These are available to watch on the S4C television channel, or online through S4C.

Your local library and Welsh shops have CDs, DVDs and books in Welsh. You’ll find books for learners, English language books about Wales and a wide array of Welsh language books are available for all ages.

There are a number of apps in the Welsh language for children and adults, and apps which can help you learn Welsh.