This is a virtual movement and creative practice group for people living with depression and anxiety.

Attending to the body and the felt sense of movement can have a profound effect of how we perceive ourselves. If we are able to notice what feels ok within us, we can begin to build a base of ok-ness to help carry us through our days.

Dancing and moving the body with easy attention on our attention, how its shifts, how our imaginations come alive for a moment, can be enough to give us ‘ordinary liberations’ or a break from states (physical, emotional and imaginal) which have become less useful for us as we go about our days.

Dancing with others, knowing that - as we each move - we are held by a common purpose of enquiry into what helps us find relief, makes us feel better, or brings small freedoms in each moment.

This group can be an adjunct to personal therapy or other modes of support, but is not therapy, and is not a substitute for other clinical interventions. But the hope is that it is therapeutic in its effects. Artistic enquiry is the core intention and for that to be a shared experience together.

For more information and if you have any questions as to suitability please contact me: