We all have a movement language that is uniquely ours. Just like speaking, we move in our own way.

All the classes aim to support the development of your own dancing.

We have always danced as humans. We have danced and moved to celebrate, to communicate and to connect socially. We know that executing movement, seeing movement, and even imagining movement affects the brain and produces a wealth of chemicals that can support general well being. All the sessions work with these 5 principles:






The sessions place emphasis on how we connect to our body and environment through the senses, and how this can help us regulate and feel more present in our daily life.

Through the classes you are encouraged to work with a curiosity towards your own learning. The class is devised to give ample opportunity to develop a relationship with the process of ‘active listening’ to the body with a playful and curious attention. Guided improvisational tasks give the frame for creative exploration of the 5 principles.

The classes follow a simple structure that allow you to be your own guide. There are no steps as such to follow, but you will be offered ways into ‘listening’ to the body. We will do this in the company of others.

You don’t need any experience, or a particular body to participate. All are welcome.

I look forward to moving with you - in person or virtually.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions regarding your participation.