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Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, whatever you look like, whoever you love, whatever body you have, however you identify – you are welcome here at Symud.

Symud is a virtual home where individuals come together with the common intention to find freedom through connection; to our bodies, our imagination and each other.

Hello my name is Cai.

I am a dance artist and Art Psychotherapist.

This web site is a home for my online, face to face, and recorded offerings. You will find different sessions that address different applications of the work that I offer.

Please have a browse and sign up should you wish, or please contact me should you want to receive more information about what you find here.

With warmth,




We know that people have always danced to connect. Whether that was our ancestors that danced to mark passage of the time, celebrations or the change of seasons. Science has developed to be able to confirm the benefits of moving on our mood, the health of our bones, and breath, and heart.

But most importantly moving with others - whether in virtual groups or in person - can bring us together. It can support social connection, and this is an important part of how we thrive and feel well as humans.


People dance for all kinds of reasons. Many of us who dance speak of how it enriches our lives in such a variety of ways. We can’t always find the words to express exactly that particular feeling that arises within us when we move, as it is personal to each person, but I have so often heard people use the word ‘freedom’ that it may be the closest description.


We may feel more ‘connected’ to our bodies, and to others. We may feel that we can access the feeling of health in our bodies, and in turn, this might make us feel more like ourselves.

These classes offer a space of connection. There are no steps to learn, no right way, as such, of doing anything. The classes aim to offer something that supports our own enquiry into our body, our imagination and our own health as we go through life.